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Hi welcome to my blog. I like learning new things. I want to learn more maths. I live with my mum ,dad ,brothers and sister. I  have 2 brother and 1 sister. I love going shopping with my Aunty. I was born in Thailand and now I live in Australia.

Queensland flood



This is a trailer about a book called Flood.

The Queensland flood happened  in 2011.

This is what the story is about.

Jackie French wrote this book after 2011.



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-Hi, I hope you learnt something about AUSTRALIA & CANADA.

-I learnt that Canada has more mobile phones than Australia. Whichh country would you rather live in Canada or Australia?


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Broken Bridge

All the year 6 students looked at pictures about dangerous ways students students walk to school. I chose this picture because I want to write about the broken bridge, I hope you like it.



Broken Bridge
As I was walking to school I saw one of this man tell me that when you’re crossing the bridge don’t look down or you will get scared so just look forward. Then I was thinking “why can’t I look down?” so when I hold onto the bridge I just look forward, I remember the man told me don’t look down, so I was thinking if I looked down. What do I see? How am I going to feel? When I was looking down my heart stared jumping faster and faster and my body was shaking. I can see the water going really fast so I take a big breath and look forward. When I finish crossing the bridge, I can feel my heart getting slow down and I feel better. When I got to school, I feel so happy about it.

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How can fish breathe under water?



How can a fish breathe under water?
A fish breathes by taking water into its mouth and forcing it out.
The lungs of mammals would not work very well for fish because one breath under water would fill with fluid.
In order to remove oxygen from the water, they rely on gills.
The mouth and the throat of fish force water over the gills.
Both humans and fish breath the same oxygen but there is different, fish get their oxygen from the water.


NUDE FOOD IS BEST           13/5/16


Nude food is important because you don’t need to put plastic wrap around your food .This is good for school less rubbish around the school, in the tip and in our oceans.


Students and Teachers need to bring nude food so the rubbish is less. We want our school looking clean with no rubbish flying away. We want less rubbish going it the tip.


People are buying food with too much plastic wrap and they put it in the rubbish bin. The rubbish going to the tip is too much. Two million tonnes of rubbish in Australia. Every year is going to the tip. Every person makes 200 kg of rubbish in 1 year. We want less rubbish.


Rubbish is going to the ocean too much. Animals eating the rubbish and some turtles are getting stuck in plastic rings. Rubbish is making the water dirty and smelly. Rubbish can take many years to break down, we don’t want rubbish in the ocean.


We need nude food to have less plastic wraps, less rubbish and a cleaner earth.


BY Hser Eh Moo

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Disaster Showcase

As I answer the questions, I was a little bit nervous, and scared because it’s my first time. When I look around the showcase I see colourful things, it was so cool. I saw lots of smiling faces from the parents. I hear lots of parents saying ooh & aah. I was really excited to see the students showing their learning about disasters.

When they look at my stuff I feel scared, because I wonder what they going to   say. Will they ask me hard questions? When a lady with long black hair and a happy face come up to me I feel so scared. When she asks me a question, “What causes a tsunami?” then I answer her question and I got the answer right. I was very proud of myself I was putting in my best work too. At the end it was really fun.

At assembly today I received a Werribee Kids for showing resilience and sharing my amazing work at the disaster down under showcase. I feel so proud about it and this is I better than I’ve ever done before.’


Book review – Ella Diaries

This book is called ‘Ella Diaries’ and  it’s written by Meredith Costain. I never read it before I read it this year and I liked it. When I first saw this book I felt like I wanted to buy it but I didn’t because I don’t have enough money to buy the book. I like this book because I like reading about Diaries. I started to read it on 26.5.2016. I got this from the book club. This book is a bit about a pirate and is a bit like they are talking about the pirate too. I have one friend and she has the same book as me.

Friends Not Forever : Ella Diaries #7 - Meredith Costain




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